music indexing speed

Hey there.
Is the indexing speed limited by network/hardware or by design?
I have a NFS folder with 100gb of music which took about 12 hours to index. Is this limited by software, to avoid bottlenecks on playback or this is just a hardware limitation?

Did you have any advances on this question by yourself? I have nearly 250GB os music and i don’t want to wait that long.

Does someone know where is the index stored? Could i back up it for later restoring on a fresh Volumio installation?

I have around 670GB of music in 26k songs. Mine also took overnight.

All of this indexing is actually MPD doing the scanning. It uses ffmpeg (I believe) to scan the files. It can get stuck on certain files and try them over and over before moving on.

The only way for indexing to be faster would be to redesign it, either through the MPD project, or writing a custom indexer. Thrashing through tags on various media types, across various tag versioning schemes simply takes time.

The nice thing is once it is indexed it uses last modified to be smart about updating it later. I have mine set to “auto update” and it doesn’t seem to take too long to update.

So i’ll need to be patient, thanks!

I’m also interested in knowing where the index is stored. I have a lot of music (80K tracks); my Sonos is overloaded (hence the Volumio). I currently have Volumio on an 8GB micro-SD card, and I’m somewhat worried that it will run out of space.

Any info would be appreciated.

Everything you need to know is in the /etc/mpd.conf file.

if you haven’t changed the stock Volumio configuration, the files you’re looking for will be in:


A good idea will be to scan the library from a pc running another mpd and then “importing” the library in volumio, in /var/lib/mpd. I think a pc ruunning mpd will be much more faster than pi… I don’t know much about linux, so do you think this will be ok?