Music audio effect on LCD Display

Volumio is a very great project !
Now I am making a Lan Music Player and I have connected a small 4.3” LCD display to RCA composite video connector
of Raspy.
My question is :
It’s possible install a MPD plug-in or other program to show music info and some effects like Vu meter ,light bar,etc. on this display ?

Thank you in advance for your suggestions

installing mpdlcd and LCDproc server will allow you to show track and playback status information.

Hi all dear friends,
I have installed mpdlcd and LCDproc but I need more info about setting LCDd.conf.
My display is connect to to RCA composite video connector and it is not a LCD display
connect on to USB or Rpio port.

Could anybody please give me some other info ?
Thanks a lot