Hello all,

Really enjoying my 2 volumio2 raspberry pi with DAC players. Noticed the multiroom addition in the main screen, but not sure how it is meant to work: is this only so you can switch within 1 webpage to the other player and manage it, or is it meant as a multiroom that syncs the same audio played to more then 1 player?
Logged in with ssh and noticed the snapserver and snapclient binaries and also the mpd entry for the /tmp/snapfifo audio_output, so I would guess it should be possible to sync the audio output to both players somehow.
I do not understand how to switch from standalone to the multiplayer mode though: do I need to start the snapserver and snapclient myself, and do i need to change the configuration somewhere?

Hope someone can help or give me some guidance.


At present “multiroom” refers to controlling all your Volumio devices from a single IP address. Multiroom sync is coming (hopefully soon, because it’s something I’m really excited about :smiley: ) via snapcast, as you pointed out above.

You can do it manually if you’re that way inclined (search for ‘snapcast’), and I can say that it works remarkably well.

Hi chsims1,

Thx for your reply. Clear then. On the manually: I tried to start snapcast and snapclient (on diff devices ofcourse) but the client gives me chunk errors. Not been able to figure out what causes this yet…

Have you checked out that thread: multiroom-audio-output-from-volumio-with-snapcast-t3217-10.html

There seems to be some modifications to improve snapcast… (have not tested multiroom yet)