Multiroom streaming music to other devices and hearing aids

Hello Guys!
As I have some hearing loss it will be very nice to me to listen my favourite music over snapcast on other devices on headphones or my hearing aid devices via iOS sistem.
On my iPhone I just dont know what application to install to listen music streamed by snapcast plugin.
Also if I configure my Android phone as receiver of streamed content is not playing nothing. Does not discover the Volumio 2 over network. Keep saying error:Connection refused
streaming port is 1704
control port is 1705

Also How can I configure the SnapCast Plugin to stream over Wi-fi the music that is on my hard drive’s
It will be an great feature for the people with some hearing loss to listen in house the music that they love.

Maybe in an year or two I will not be able to listen any music do to hearing loss.

Thats why I have to feel and listen musiv everywere. I love the music.

Thanh you a lot

The Snapcast plugin streams to client devices eg. RPis in various rooms, not to your phone itself. Your phone is simply used as a control device.
You may need to specify the actual IP address rather than name (volumio.local) on Android phones.

You would set up your hard drive music as a Volumio source, which you could then stream to other Volumio devices via Snapcast . You would need to carefully read the plugin documentation, because at the moment, this is not a trivial operation.

Summarising, you have one Volumio device acting as a Snapcast server, with all the musical sources you require. Other volumio devices in your rooms would act as Snapcast clients receiving the stream from the server. Your phones act as controllers for your Volumio devices.

I hope this has been helpful. Feel free to ask for more help, and let us know how you get on.

In fact I would like to setup the phones to act as Clients not Controllers.
Controller is made with Soundirok on iOS.
Something like what Is in this video:

Thankyou for that aygun, I was not aware previously of Android clients for snapcast. Again, let us know how you get on.

The problem is that I just dont know how to do that! I have tried but as I have said the Snapcast client app from android devices dont let me connect to the server. Installed Snapcast Plugin from main repository of Volumio Plugins and not like that from tutotial. I just thinking that is the same plugin but only thing is now in Volumio Accepted Plugins list.

Hmm, perhaps the tutorial is an old one, and the plugin has changed. It is hopeful that Snapcast/multiroom synced play will become a part of Volumio in the near future (separate from Saiyato’s plugin), but unfortunately that is not the case now. Possibly you could PM Saiyato directly, or leave an issue on their Github site?

I must admit that I had never been interested in, nor knew anything of Snapcast. I watched the video and understand the concept but - do you really need to listen to the music over Snapcast?

How I do things may not be what you want
- but then again - it might just give you an easy solution…

I have Volumio with a USB hard drive in the HiFi room. If I want to listen to music in another room I use an iPad or iPhone (not tried this on Android) with the File Explorer app. It may not be the perfect solution but it leaves the person listening to Volumio in the HiFi room able to listen to what they want, the iPhone/pad listener can have what they want to listen to, all for free!

In fact, I think we use wrong plugin!

Here the main plugin. I’ll try to make it work:

This is exactly what Saiyato has packaged as a plugin for Volumio :wink:

Back again everyone!
So, with Saiyato’s plugin I could not manage to play same track on multiple devices but with miniDLNA plugin everything worked like a charm. On Android I have installed BubbleUPNP and it works very smooth via Volumio miniDLNA plugin and on iPhone and iPad the Flacbox App.
Now everybody can listen what they want on the own device and also I can redirect the stream to another devices via AirPlay. :wink:

Snapcast maybe needs an tutorial on how to do it.