Multiroom Status?

Is there currently multi-room support within Volumio? If so, could anyone point me to docs?

More detail:
I’ve used the free version of Volumio for a long time, and have always been interested in multi-room support. To be clear, what I mean by this is the ability to have more than one volumio device playing the same music simultaneously with some sort of synchronization. Over the years, I’d gotten the impression that this functionality was in development at various times, but I’ve not heard anything about it for some time.

Thanks for any feedback

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I am also very interested in this feature, having multiple Volumio devices playing the same music in sync. Hope this is on the dev list and available in near future.

Kind regards, Hans

This feature is 90% complete and we plan to release it within few months, together with the multiroom synced playback feature.
@volumio, back in January

So it’s still under active development and we’re getting closer. I wouldn’t be surprised, however, if this feature will be subscribers-only.

It is enabled with latest Buster beta, still some minor issues to be solved but overall up and running.#

You need Myvolumio for enabling this feature

I saw also this option, I did not know what it is :slight_smile: , so if I will have another system with pi, I could send the the music to play on that system and continue listening on current one?

Yes, exactly


That’s great news! Can’t wait for it to come out of beta :smiley: