Multiroom Playback utelising Volumio

Hello everybody, I am aware that there dozens of post flying around with regards to Multiroom playback/sync. Now I have a simple question just because I am maybe just to thick. I have have a Volumio test installation connected to a 1961 Pioneer Valve Amplifier/Receiver, playback thru the Rasp Pi with Volumio & the Nanomesher DAC is great, no complains. No I installed LMS & Squeezelite plugins configured those and my Multiroom is full in swing.
My question now if I am listening to my music on the Rasp Pi via the Pioneer is there any possiblity to sync/playback that music thru/via LMS & Squeezelite to have a Multiroom?
I guess not but better to ask, you don’t ask you don’t get …

Cheers Thomas

If you use lms you control the music using the lms page. It works but is far from ideal. Volumio is working on multiroom, no idea what the status is.

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