Multiroom Master Volume control

Dear all

First of all, I would like to give a big shout out to everyone involved with Volumio. It now offers the best platform for me to expand my hifi systems.

The integration of the multiroom capability was crucial for me to go for Volumio 3. I now have three Raspberry Pi’s with Volumio 3 in use, each with a Hifiberry DAC+ supplemented. Everything works perfectly, except for the Multiroom application.

If I group my Raspi’s, then that also works. Unfortunately, I can then adjust the volume of the three Raspi’s only individually, but not all three simultaneously with a “Master Volume” control. Am I doing something wrong or am I missing something? I can adjust the individual volumes but not all of them with only one slider. I hope I have expressed myself correctly. If this would be implemented, I would be even happier than before.

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Hi TheDude, welcome to Volumio. :smiley:

Not really sure that this is desirable (at least from my own use case). It is pretty simple to alter any of the volumes, as you say. Perhaps, it should be a “feature request” Suggest a feature - Volumio ?

Hi chsims1

Thank you very much for your comment. I will gladly forward the request to the right category.
For me this “Master volume control” function would be the icing on the cake.

By the way, happy new year

Happy New Year to you (and ALL) too! :smiley:

+1 on master volume. :100: a need

Use case: the music is playing in the house then an absolute banger comes on. I want to turn the music up in the whole house right now, and not fiddle with the different volume sliders to try to proportionally turn up every room. And when I’m done, turn it back with the same ease.

I think this is probably a major usability feature, just like having a volume knob on your amp that controls all channels.

At the moment Multiroom volume control is like having a 5.1 system for your home cinema where you have to adjust volume individually of all speakers. I can’t imagine anyone enjoying their movies like that.

I would see two options. Add a master volume or have the group leader volume as a master. All other rooms adjusting proportionally

I do not have a premium sub, just the basic free one. But includes a basic multiroom feature
I have 2 volumio3 machines in separate rooms, they connect and can play each others playlist and also will control the volume of each other.

Strange that you cannot do this with the premium multi room feature. You must be paying for the privilidge of being able to set the volumes separately.

I don’t think you pay for the privilege of setting separate volumes otherwise you would have both options. I thought the paid version gave you the new UI and the Multiroom. Maybe I shouldn’t pay! (I love supporting the project, so happy to pay anyway)

I mean it’s cool to have multiroom but the user experience is really sub optimum when compared to others Multiroom systems. I get it, small team and small budget.

Ideally you would be able to create groups that can each have its own master volume. Eg: group 1 = whole house, group 2 = kitchen & living room, etc…

One day maybe!

Im not sure how the premium multiroom version looks or works never having used it.
No need to stop supporting the project, I’m sure there are lots of other benefits other than just multiroom. Wouldnt turning off multiroom in the options just turn it back to the basic multiroom function. See if that suits your needs

Multi room free = you can remote all your devices from the same interface.
Multi room premium= same+ you can send audio to other devices synchronously.

This not the same thing.
So if you stop to play master device, everything is stop.
But there is no master volume though.

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Exactly what balbuze said :grinning:

Hopefully others will want this master volume feature as well

Ok… the fact that I can change the volume of both devices just by adjusting the level on one of them sounds to me what is being requested for the premium version.

Im just suprised that its not also included in the premium version, at least as an option

Let’s suppose a Master volume control.
Let’s suppose a device with local volume set to 60%
Let’s suppose a other device with local volume set to 80%.
What should indicate master volume?
What should happen with second device if first device is set to >60%?
Should we keep the difference and block the settings?
Same with low volume.
And more complicated with more deviced.
Rules must be defined. But I am pretty sure if you ask 10 users, you 'll get 10 different answers… :upside_down_face:

Its not me you should be asking I dont use it. :slight_smile:

But perhaps a pole and implement the most popular way of doing it ?

Hey guys and gals, I’m glad this topic was brought up again.
In my opinion, not so much needs to be adjusted. When I group the devices, so let’s talk about the “master” and “slaves”, I have the possibility to adjust the volume of the master and the slaves individually. If I now have grouped the individual devices and I return to the main view of the master and I change the volume via the volume control of the master, then the volumes of the master and slaves should change accordingly.
In other words:
Master has an amplifier with 100Watt, Slave one with 50Watt.
When grouping, I now set the volume of the master half lower than the slave. Then, when changing the master volume in the main overview, both volumes should be adjusted synchronously at the same time. That is, at full throttle, the master would be at 50% and the slave at 100% power.
I hope I have explained it reasonably understandable, otherwise please stay on the ball and ask.

+1 on master volume from me too!

This would open up possibilities to use Volumio instances as cheap but powerful “wireless dsp transmitters” for sub integrations for example (pi Zero 2W + DAC Hat + mono summation/PEQ/X-over via fusionDSP).
@ balbuze: Maybe a volume offset for each slave would be sufficient for the beginning?

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I agree but check out my solution its more robust, [Premium Multiroom] Master UI and Guest Accounts with Permmission Controls