Multiroom: Copy/mirror playlists between devices

First I wish to thank you all who contribute to Volumio. I have used Volumio for at least 2 years as my main musicplayer(s). The latest version is awesome! Thanks!

I use two RPI 2 using the same NAS (Multiroom) and a feature I miss is that if I make one playlist on one of the devices I would like it to turn up on the second. I remember I have manually copied the playlists at some point, but that was a bit too cumbersome.

I would would like to playlists to be mirrored, but another possibility is to have one device as the main/primary and the second as a copied version.



I have something limping along that will be able to do that soon. It’s a Drupal-based site that calls the Volumio REST API and stores your playlists, Web radios, radio favourites and config settings. Then you’re able to restore any of them, and hope to be supporting multiple Volumio devices soon.

Attached is a screen image of the prototype (UI not started) where I restored my Web radio stations to a newly flashed RPi with Volumio 2.