Multiple Volumio Devices with Sportify Plugin


I currently plan to build a multi room setup with 6 volumio devices each does have a HiFiBerry Amp2 with 2 passiv speakers in 6 different rooms (3 bedrooms, kitchen, living room and terasse).

I did setup now 6 raspberry pi 4/4GB with volumio (i did buy the premium subscription) as well.
Everthings works fine so far.

I have a Spotify Premium Account and i did assign on all 6 devices the same device Account and Password on my account.

First issue i do have if i connect from my phone with spotify app to the volumio device and play music sometimes if i stop/pause the play the song get skipped and starts play the next song.

Second can i use spotify the volumio app in 2 rooms at the same time playing to different songs or only one account activly playing is allowed?

Thanks for any advice.


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Same for me, but I only have 1 RPi4 with HifiBerry Amp2. Sportify on Amazon Echo works well.