Multiple Volumio Devices Don't Seem to Get Along

I have two ODROID-C1+ devices with the HiFi Shield DAC over a hardwired network that don’t seem to get along with one another. Both are running 2.03. Each device runs fine if the other is turned off. When I turn on the second one I get the "Failed to decode . problem multiple times when playing a stream. Both units will display on the multiroom portion of the screen. I have also seen the “Failed to open audio output” error message.

Any help appreciated.


I created the same setup here, two C1+ devices with HiFi shields and version 2.030.
Tried various radio streams, but I’m afraid I cannot reproduce your problem.
Does this only happen with streaming? Different streams?

Yes, it’s when I try to play any stream. I’m not sure what more information I can give you to help diagnose this. Could it be I have network issues? If so, how would I find out what the problem is? I could look at the volumio console and see what messages show up when I plug in a second box. Would that help?

I just looked at the HDMI output from the ODROID and I’m not seeing any console messages at all. A blank screen. Am I missing something?

That version does not have framebuffer enabled, so there is no hdmi output. You could take the latest version (2.040).

What you can do is ssh into both odroid’s and issue this command

sudo journalctl -f

and then do your tests. The output of that would be very interesting.

Did you update boot.ini on the SD card to make sure both devices have a different MAC address.

If not, and you are using DHCP, both devices might have been assigned the same IP.


C1 and C2 do Edit: not need a MAC address in boot.ini, they have different MAC addresses, you can easily check that with ‘ifconfig’.
Unless @filb added one, but I hardly think u-boot on the C1/C2 would support it.

Not sure what you’re thinking/suggesting.


Grrrrrr. I think I’m mixing up my Odroid devices here. It’s the XU4 that has the MAC address specified in the boot.ini file, not the C1+.

So ignore me, as I’m causing more confusion to this. :imp:


Unless I’m missing something the current version for ODROID C1+ is 2.03 which is what I have loaded. Since, as you say, the HDMI output is disabled, how do I get it enabled or is there a more recent version somewhere else that has HDMI enabled?

FYI, my two ODROIDs have DHCP enabled, different MAC addresses and I’m using my router’s static DHCP function (based on MAC addresses) to set static IPs.

Whats next?

Any other suggestions please?