Multiple item selection

Hi guys,

Thanks again for the hard work.

I have been using Volumio for a little while now, unless i’ve missed a feature, here is one I would love to see implemented.

The possibility to select “multiple item” all at once, that id be in the “browse” tab or “queue” tab.

I use a Synology Nas as my main audio library and I often stream from my nas to volumio when I’m at home. One of the feature of the Synology audio app is the possibility to select multiple item at once. On a computer with mouse and keyboard, this isn’t really an issue as you can use “ctrl” to select multiple item at once. But on a touchscreen, this feature become very efficient while building playlist or selecting a long list of tracks, to add or remove them from a queue or playlist.

As of now, If i want to build a large playlist in the Volumio UI, if it isn’t a whole album/folder/ or all of one’s artist tracks that i wanna add, I have to individually select each song then hit >add to queue. It’s a bit tedious on a touchscreen if you want to add a lot of tracks. It’s also not very efficient if you want to remove a few song from a queue or playlist.

ON my Synology app, there is a way to enter “multi-selection” mode, wich can be used to apply an array of action to more than one file. Its difficult to explain with words so I will attach 3 pictures to ease what I’m trying to explain.

Greetings from Montréal,


I have to agree with you on this one … the number of times I have wished for multiple item selection :wink:. Not sure how easy it would be to implement though.

This. Creating playlists is just so annoying without this feature, please implement this.

Yes. Thank you for all the good work. I am new to volumio and are also surprised that I cannot add multiple songs to a queue and have to do it one at a time. +1 for feature request.