multiple issues

I have been trying volumio but I’m really disappointed at how many issues I’ve had.

It wasn’t my first choice but since it’s one of the few that support the boss dac and the gui looked nice I thought I’d give it a go.

This is a sort of general feedback first impressions post as well as a request for help if anyone has a solution to any of the issues

my system is: rPi 3 with a allo boss dac latest version of everything AFAICT


  • When playing an album or playlist the forward and back buttons don’t work they just stop playback.

  • When not playing there is a medium loud hum from the boss dac output that goes away when a song starts

  • I have an external USB stick, 128Gb, exFAT format - volumio indexed up to the Cs then couldn’t see anything after that… I guess some unexpected wrong metadata or tags broke it, but really it shouldn’t break no matter what rubbish is in the tags it should find all music files on a drive.

  • The only way I’ve been able to reliably connect is through the local volumio hotspot. When I connect over the LAN volumio keeps losing the connection completely and/or becoming unresponsive briefly. I’m sorry this is a bit vague. I’ve tried both with wifi and with ethernet and just can’t get a reliable connection for long on the lan. I think it also may be messing with my router in some way, when volumio is trying to connect through the router other devices on the lan have been sometimes losing internet, and sometimes even bypassing the openvpn client that runs all the time on the router. I realise this probably isn’t enough info to diagnose the problem, but I’m not even sure what to try, or how I would know if I’m even getting a specific result, since everything happens so slowly and inconsistently when trying to connect on the lan.

Design issues:

  • Basically I think the GUI is quite nice (aside from bits that don’t work like fwd and back buttons). But pleeeease can there be an option to run a browser locally and display on the pi HDMI and control volumio locally. Controlling on the network is a lot of complication I really don’t need it also requires an extra device which may or may not be available. Also it would provide a way of testing the device and basic functions without worrying about whether the lan is causing problems.

  • Is there any way to use a remote control? I have a OSMC remote i’d like to use to control volumio and it would avoid LAN connectivity problems by being connected directly to the Pi.

  • It is not clear when and why volumio uses the internet. I would like a function to disallow internet access completely and just use the lan for control. (or better still control without the lan as requested above)

I hope this feedback is helpful and if anyone can help with any of the above issues I’d love to give volumio another chance.

If it is helpful I can split this into a separate help post for each issue, but I wanted to also give overall new user impression for feedback in one place…

i have the same configuration as you.

with Version 2.136 (which you dont find under "download!) i have no more Network Troubles.

next/previous works only good, when the Album or playlist is added to the Queue.
whitout adding i have also sometimes Troubles.
i think, thats the design.

Thanks a lot! I will try to update. The image i installed says 2.129

How do I get 2.136?

Hi greenman, sorry to hear that you are having a number of issues. Please bear with us as Volumio is heavily under development, and changes are constantly in the pipeline. There have been a number of fixes since 2.129, but an official image with these changes has not yet been released. You can, however, try “nightly” dev releases if you understand that this may potentially cause other problems. To update to the latest dev release, you need to turn this feature on … please read “Use the system updater to test Beta-Releases”.

i found a direct link in the “Allo Boss” thread on page 10: …

thanks kohlivie I just found that link too…

I will try that image since others have found it helps and then if I still have issues I will try later nightlies as they come out.

Is 2.136 currently the latest dev release?

regarding my original questions above is there any support for using a remote control or is that just not a feature that volumio has at all?

If i understand the complete system around Volumio correct, then this is not a problem of Volumio.

There are a lot of samples to control the MPD (Music Player daemon, the heart of Volumio) with a remote control Software called LIRC

for example:

The update 2.136 hasn’t helped with scanning the USB stick.

The first 35 artists show up (up to the middle of the C’s by artist name) and then there is an artist listed called “ORH” that is not on the USB, there are no albums or tracks in that artist, and then no more are listed.

any ideas what is wrong?

Are there special requirements for the music files tags or format? They are just flac files and other music players have no issues with them.

I am still a bit confused about the reason for needing to add an album to the queue and why that takes an extra click. yes the fwd back buttons work on the queue but this is an extra step and I don’t understand why it is needed if I just want to play an album (or a playlist) right through.

Is there a way to map keyboard keys to interface functions? for example right arrow for next track, space for play pause etc?

this is a similar question to the remote.

I don’t want to hack on the gpio pins for a remote - I have a remote with a usb receiver that works fine with other players, it would be nice if volumio supported that too as it seems to be a standard function, although I would expect to have to configure which button controls which function.

i’m still just using the hotspot I haven’t yet tested the new build on the lan.

the update and rescan buttons for checking the usb music library don’t give any sign of doing anything.

also is it possible to store music on the same SD card that volumio boots from? there should be lots of free space.

i have 4000 tracks on 2 usb sticks

update: for aprox 1 second the “browse” field Shows “busy”
rescan: same for aprox 20 seconds

if you have only few tracks, you will not see anything

i think that confirms that the rescan button isn’t working for me. there’s about 100Gb of music on that stick, must be thousands of tracks

the first time it scanned the drive after install it showed an increasing number until it stopped after about 400 tracks, and only up to C

Hello. As of today, the last nightly is 2.140 from 19. April (only available for RPi).

Enable “Test Mode” under hostname/dev
(Change hostname in URL as to how you usually access volumio).

Then go back to normal GUI and install update in System Settings.

I currently cannot tell you, what you will get with nightlies, though. There is another recent thread discussing the missing changelog for nightlies which you might want to have a look at.