Multiple Instances on One Device? Possible?

Whole house audio.

If someone has a family plan, presumably we can run 5 instances of Spotify on the network, but each instance needs its own device with its own audio output.

If I have a mixer, or a multi-input amp then I could mix the inputs and route them to wherever…but it seems like having a single device for each instance is inefficient.

What’s a solution to be able to tap into multiple music sources and route them selectively throughout the house without using proprietary cloud devices.

I’m wiring up the house with hidden speakers and centralizing the distribution of audio with a multi-zone amplifier.

It may be possible to run 5 instances using virtualbox running the i386 version, but you would need 5 sounds cards and assign each to it’s own VB.

Not sure this would be much cheaper than 5 Raspi’s though.

Here’s a YouTube video of a DIY 19" Rack system for multiple Pi’s that may be worth looking at if you have access to a 3D printer