Multiple Instances of Volumio

Maybe almost everyone else already knows this, so this is for those like me to whom it wasn’t so obvious.

For a long time I have been wanting to have multiple instances of volumio running at the same time on the same network, independently of each other. The volumio.local web UI always seemed to be the bottleneck as I didn’t know how to differentiate between the devices. As it turns out there is a very simple solution (which has probably been there all along) that was highlighted to me with the new “First configuration Wizard” that was introduced in the latest version of volumio (thanks, Michelangelo!). As it turns out the web UI doesn’t have to be named “volumio”. The new configuration wizard make it very easy to name it what you want during first setup. I now have three pi’s running independently on my network. The one in my basement workshop is named “basement” and is accessed at “http://basement.local”. The one connected to my stereo is named “stereo” and is accessed at “http://stereo.local”. The one in my office I’ve kept as “volumio” and is accessed at “http://volumio.local”.

How cool!

Good! But it was already possible since the beginning…

You now might also notice that you would only need to use one of the addresses. At the bottom of the page you should see the other volumio devices.

My issue is I have multiple RPi’s running Volume and enjoy the multi-room controls.

On my iMac using Finder under “Shared”, I can see dd-wrt, volumio, and retropie. It seems I can only access the internal storage on a single Volumio at a time. Is there a way to changed the shared name? I have to unplug the RPi, I don’t want to access.