Multiple genre in library view

Hi, everyone!

I’m running Volumio 1.55 (old version 'cause Raspberry first edition), with an unpdated MPD 0.19.19.
I’ve just discovered, after months of of use, the “library view”… and I like it!
I’ve noticed that files with multiple genre tags will be listed only in the first tag entry; e.g., a song with “Progressive Rock\Rock” genre tag will be just displayed in “Progressive Rock”.
Note that I used “\” as a separator. I’m tagging with Mp3tag, and for what I’ve found this is the separator to use. And it kinda work, since the tag is actually splitted in library wiev. Awfully, the second tag gets “lost”…
I’ve tried other separators ("", “,”, “;”, "; ") without luck.
I don’t know if this is a problem with:

  • the tag itself
  • Volumio
  • Volumio old version
  • Library view “parser”
  • MPD

Any hint?


There are few players that support multiple genres. So I would guess that Volumio does not given your failed experiments with this.

The format for multiple genres (among players that do support them) is to separate each genre with a ‘;’ (semicolon) like “Punk; Rock”.

Thanks for your answer!
I’ve read several forums’ threads, and it looks like there is no real standard regarding the separator to use and, as you said, not all softwares manage multiple genre tags.
I’ll do some more test with other separators (actually, I don’t remember if I’ve tested "; " or only “;”). But I’m not that confident…

BTW, a simple question to the forum’s users may be: has anyone ever used (succesfully) multiple tags in Volumio?
Given the audiophiles’ OCD regarding music library management (shots fired :smiley: ), I doubt that no one ever tried this…


Tested other separators with no luck.
In this post on Ubuntu forum
a user says multiple genre tags are correctly recognized on MPD 0.16. He used Puddletag, that separates tags with “\” like Mp3Tags; same separator I’m using in my library.
I’m still not sure if the “problem” is mpd-related or volumio-related…

I’ve installed MPDroid on a smartphone. In MPDroid library multiple genres are managed correctly (albums with multiple genres are are shown in multiple genres). The multiple tags separator used is “\”, as said inmy first post.
So it is a Volumio problem…
As said, I’m using Volumio 1.55. Don’t know if Volumio 2 can handle multiple genres.
Is there any developer that can give me some hints about where to look to tweak the library management? Just to have an idea about where to play with php/python/whatever to see if I can improve the tag management.