Multiple button presses using GPIO plugin when I2C active

Has anyone else experienced an issue with Volumio and the GPIO plugin recently?

I am using the latest release 2.141 on a Pi2 with a HifiBerry Amp+ and have installed the GPIO plugin directly from inside Volumio. I keep experiencing random button presses which has only just started since I pulled a previous version from Github.

However even if I drop back to a backup image from the previous version I cannot get it to function without this issue anymore.

My buttons are wired using a length of VGA cable to the GPIO (avoiding 2,3,18,19,20,21) then to 6 push to make buttons to allow control of all the commands the plugin allows. I have tried connecting the common ground to one of the GPIO pins with a high pull (again avoiding 2 and 3), direct to GROUND and direct to 3.3v.

Without the Amp+ attached everything functions fine, after reattaching the Amp+, all is still OK, it is when I actually enable the I2C interface under “Playback options” that my buttons start random repeats.

I notice that only HifiBerry Amp, not Amp+ is listed in the dropdown, could this be an issue? I have also tried to use rpi-update but I get a non booting system after restarting (kernel panic).