Multiboot on PC/Laptop

Hello everybody,

i am using Volumio for over a year now and i think it’s the best sounding OS i have tried so far.

I have installed this on a Thinkpad x230 (on a 2nd SSD Disc) where i have also two Win 10 and a KDE-Neon Installation running (on the first SSD).

After some hassle and Re-installing for xxx times all those OS’s i managed to integrate the linux into the Windows-Boot-Manager via Easybcd.

To start the Volumio-OS i have to go over the BIOS-Boot-Utility what i do not find satisfying. IS IT POSSIBLE to integrate a VOLUMIO-ENTRY in the WINDOWS-BOOT Manager? Has anybody ever tried that?

Happy New Year and a big Thank You to everybody involved in Volumio

I don’t think Microsoft are very interested in including anything other than Microsoft in their bootloaders. Grub or rEFInd will do it without prejudice. BerryBoot was also in these forums at one time, but I have no experience of that.

Have you tried with the new “windows subsystem for linux”?

its not exactly what you are asking, but could work in here.

this have been possibility always without restrictions. its just that the “volumio installation” should add itself there i believe.

Sorry to disagree here Joni, but Windows aggressively removes bootloaders to other systems if it is installed last. There is no accommodation with existing bootable partitions (non-Windows). You can use the Windows bootloader, but I find it simpler just not to use it.

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Yes, you most likely are correct with your statement in here, it seems to work as you say it would, thanks for correcting me.(it’s always bad when false statements are kept alive)

i have always been the “windows guy”, install it as main OS, then after add what i need later on when necessary.

Thank you for responding!

it is possible to add new entries to the Windows Bootmanager for example with the easybcd-tool. It was no problem to add an entry for the kde-neon-installation. It was just important to install the bootloader of that installation into the root-directory.

Why i want to use the Windows-Bootmanager is because i use two WIN 10 Installations on that System. One for a normal Windows with Fidelizer and another with Audiophile-Optimizer. When i use the Bootloader of KDE-Neon (GRUB i think) it will always detect the two Windows as One or in other words it detects the Windows Bootmanager. So after choosing WIN i have another Boot into that Bootloader and choose again and then sometimes one or two more Boots until i finally arrive.

This is why i tried to include the Linux into the WIN-Bootloader although i think the NEON-Loader looks better. And this works very fine for this first disk. Could i add Volumio into this Menu it would be the AUDIO-Machine of my dreams.

Is there anybody who ever tried to add Volumio to the Windows 10 Bootmanager?


Probably me to answer this one, this is a very tempting feature which went through my head many times.
It did not get done, not because we wouldn’t want to, but the problem is that the current Volumio install is based on an image flash and we miss the specialist ressources and skills Microsoft and Debian can make use of to create an installer.
In case someone has the skills and time to support us, please let us know.
Manual additions to the Windows bootmanager, Linux grub2 or Syslinux won’t survive a Volumio update.

Thanks for your interesting answer. I am not much of a programmer and have to admit although i am fiddeling with linux-installations since 1998 i still do not really understand what i am doing when i copy and paste those terminal-commands that do the jobs.

I am totally convinced of Volumio after comparing it with other solutions. The sound is amazing.

When i understand the Windows-bootmanager correctly it works like this: in easybcd i add an entry to the menu and give the additional information to which kind of bootloader this entry leads. In the case of the kde-Neon it is a GRUB2-link.

When i saw a Syslinux-information in the volumio-bootup i thought ‘that’s it’ and added that in easybcd and directed the bootmanager to the bootpartition of the volumio-drive. But that didn’t work. Why? Isn’t there a bootloader installed in that 171mb-Partition? One that could be linked with my boot-manager?

When i reinstall Volumio on that second drive the bootmanger in the first drive is not affected. I tried that. So maybe it is possible to get Volumio integrated without too much fuss?

You can experiment as much as you wish, google chainloading bootloaders, windows BCD and also refer to the syslinux wiki, there is some information which may help.
I prefer not to get involved in this as it has no real value for Volumio.
Just a warning: even when you get this working, there is a big chance that the system breaks as soon as you do your next Volumio update.
So you’re on your own with this, sorry.

Hey it just works now! Since i took from your suggstions that syslinux is the actual bootloader for Volumio i just tried again to add an entry in the WIN 10 Bootmanager via EASYBCD.

I chose linux as the target OS and the 171MB boot partition on the Volumio-Drive as target-partition.

After Reboot and choosing VOLUMIO in the Windows-Boot-Manager the system went there and showed the ‘BOOT ERROR’ message as before. But this time i did not turn off the computer BUT just hit a key (ENTER). And then Volumio started absolutely normal from the drive.

Tried to start all OS’s for several times now to make sure everything works and it does. Fantastic!!

I think this is of a certain value for Volumio because it makes it a lot more convenient to use it on a Laptop/PC that is not solely dedicated to AUDIO. And i don’t think that an update of Volumio will break this bootloader-chain since the modified Bootmanager is on a different hard-drive which does not get altered by a Volumio-Installation.

Thanks for all answers and the help they provided and greetings from berlin,