Multi Room: Volumio vs Sonos & the Rest

There are many posts throughout the forums requesting, suggesting, & proposing multi-room (synchronised) playback from Volumio. Indeed, once Volumio 2 is considered properly stable, this is the one killer feature that will properly pitch Volumio against much more expensive solutions, such as Sonos. Now, reading between the lines on here and on Github, it seems likely that is something currently under development by the Volumio devs.

Would it be possible to have an official thread/forum section/blog article on this development?

I was considering trying, this afternoon, the streaming approach outlined elsewhere on the forums utilising ‘snapcast’, but I decided that it didn’t seem to be a particularly efficient solution. What is the approach of the official development? What has been accomplished so far?

Volumio 2 is maturing as a great audio solution that appeals to audiophiles and hobbyists alike … long may it continue to develop (but please drop us some ‘snippets’ of news to whet our appetites) :smiley: