multi-room synched playback inclued in volumio

i don’t find a recent topic about multi-room,
i use free version of volumio 2.882 since some time on raspberry pi 3b+,
it works very well in comparaison other systems and the hergonomy is very beautiful, fonctionnaly and intutive.
i tryed snapcast to do multi-room synched playback, but this pluging not do a real multi-room, not very pratical to use and the shynchronisation is not top.
i just saw on the VOLUMIO’s site the multi-room synched playback will be soom able disponible.
do the multi-room synched playback will be disponible for free version of volumio?

This will be part of the myVolumio services.

i looked the volumio subscriptions,
i just want to know if i have understand:
myvolumio virtuoso works only on one device,
therefore i can’t use multi-room on two devices.
if i want to use multi-room on two devices or more i must subscribe
a myvolumio supertar? it is right?

That does appear to be the case from the descriptions. Also please note that multi-room sync is not yet released (should hopefully be coming with Volumio 3.x).