Multi-Room Playback and Tidal Connect

Hi All,

I am a long time Roon user and have been having nothing but issues as of late with it crashing on me.

That said, I have been playing around with Volumio and one thing that isnt overly obvious to me is how to play back the same music to multiple zones. Is there a way to group the zones so that the playback is the same in all rooms?

Secondarily, can you use Tidal Connect to play back to multiple zones? I can’t seem to figure this one out either.

Thanks in advance.

Multiroom to group zone and play the same music to multiple zones is coming with Volumio 3 buster. It is disabled in last beta though. But soon…

Ah, that is awesome. When is that released forecasted?

I already purchased a subscription for Volumio and plan on cancelling my roon renewal in July.