Multi Room Devices Background Picture Don't Change

I don’t know if I’m the only one that suffer ,but the background don’t change when I switch between players

I think this is an very old issue since ver 2.2XX , have not bother too much about this before, but now during Corona isolation I have been working with, updating and checking all my players and sometimes it’s difficult to keep track of which player i’m connected to
(Do remeber the last player I named was number 11 :slight_smile: )

Any ideas ?

Se problem here, 3 devices

Hi, this was disabled on purpose but if you think it’s useful we can re-eanble it

I would certainly be pleased to see it return. I’ve learnt to live without it - but if it’s an easy thing to re-instate …

Hi @michelangelo

Oh yes , I think that was a nice feature. (will certainly help me to navigate in my player jungle)
If it not comes with a cost for the overall system functions , why not activate it ?

All right :wink:

Thank you very much ! :smiley: