Multi-room control

I am using one Volumio instance with a touch screen to control another. This works great for playback, but when I turn the remote one off from the menu, it turns off as expected, but leaves the twirling rose on the screen and I can no longer do anything on the screen. I have to use a browser on another PC to turn the touchscreen volumio off.

I think the twirling rose should refresh the screen after 5 seconds to return the screen to controlling the screen volumio. Can that be done?

Volumio Information

Volumio Version: (latest on both)
Hardware: Raspberry Pi
DAC: One with none, other with IQAudio

To add to the OP:

As mentioned here the issue also appears if no touch screen is involved.

Reloading the UI by hitting F5 on a keyboard attached to the system showing the twirling rose “unblocks” the UI.

gvolt is right. Unfortunately the touchscreen does not have a keyboard