MPD Errors

Hey, not an urgent problem, as it seems to work, however an error is an error and should be removed. The syslog (after installing it) is filled with error reported by mpd, of which the first one appears all 5 seconds and the others every few minutes.

Mar 30 17:52:38 localhost volumio[442]: MPD error: Error: connect ECONNREFUSED
Mar 30 17:52:42 localhost volumio[1100]: src/mpdcli.cxx:127::MPDCli::showError: bad state
Mar 30 17:52:42 localhost volumio[1100]: src/main.cxx:476::MPD connection failed

that might not be a bug but an error caused by your setup instead. I’ve saw very similar messages on my first tries with volumio when it wanted to connect to my NAS via a service (see System | Services Management) which it was not set up for. I’ve unchecked all as I only need HD access and it worked fine

Hope this helps - Blue