mpd crash on cubox

Hi Michelangelo,

I’m a great cubox fan and early adopter for my audio setup, so I have the “old” cubox (not the “-i” one) and I installed volumio last week (downloaded december 2013 image from your website).

I was using before an image of archlinux with mpd and the first impression is that volumio sounds definitely better, I can’t explain why but all I can say about it is congrats and thanks !!

Unfortunately, after +/- 30 minutes of play, mpd crashes => the music stops (no sound), volumio.local web interface is not responding anymore, and in other mpd clients (like GMPC) the music looks like being still playing but if I press “stop”, it’s not responding.

So I can log as root via ssh and launch in a terminal the command /etc/init.d/mpd restart and few seconds later everything is back to normal.

I don’t use spdif output, but usb audio driver to an Xmos chip.

Any idea or suggestion would be welcome.

Thank you for your attention,


I reply to myself .

I found this thread volumio-cubox-crashes-periodically-t590.html

My situation is exactly the same as what ‘Kind’ experimented, so it looks like the good sounding Kernel is not running on an old cubox and I should invest on a cubox-i.

Uh I feel a little bit lonely in this post.

No matter, I know this can help people.

I switched today for a cubox “-i”, (the most powerfull one) and now, after several hours of listening, Volumio/Mpd are very stable.

One word to define the sound : awesome (better than the Cubox v2).

Thanks and congrats again for this fabulous work…

I also had a mpd crash problem on Pi and did setup monit ( in order to automatically restart mpd.

It doesn’t fix the issue but recovers automatically after 10 secs which is better than having to log in and restart manually.

more details in my thread from June 4th “mpd crashes when seeking”