MPD 0.21.16 for Volumio (arm, armv7 and x86)

if i update volumio it will effect and this change?

Hi biwanti,

Unfortunately, I have been really busy recently and haven’t had the time to investigate this. I’ll get back to this when things get less hectic…

For the Internet radio problem, does it happen to every radio station?

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If you update Volumio, chances are it will revert to its own MPD, so you would have to reactivate again.

I’m in the same boat, I don’t think I’m quite ready for this version of MPD with Volumio :wink:

Hi Patrick,

Good job. Many thanks.

May I know if you can compile a version of MPD with SACD-ISO support ?

I know that there are hints in but I don’t know how to compile it.

I want to ask the same question. If so we can play sacd-iso directly. like using foodbar2000