MPD 0.21.16 for Volumio (arm, armv7 and x86)

if i update volumio it will effect and this change?

Hi biwanti,

Unfortunately, I have been really busy recently and haven’t had the time to investigate this. I’ll get back to this when things get less hectic…

For the Internet radio problem, does it happen to every radio station?

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If you update Volumio, chances are it will revert to its own MPD, so you would have to reactivate again.

I’m in the same boat, I don’t think I’m quite ready for this version of MPD with Volumio :wink:

Hi Patrick,

Good job. Many thanks.

May I know if you can compile a version of MPD with SACD-ISO support ?

I know that there are hints in but I don’t know how to compile it.

I want to ask the same question. If so we can play sacd-iso directly. like using foodbar2000

x86: mpd-0.21.16.x86-20191227-3se7n.tar.gz

armv7: mpd-0.21.16.armv7-20191227-ogvma.tar.gz

arm (Raspberry Pi): mpd-0.21.16.arm-20191228-3v3jy.tar.gz

There are big problem with mpd. when i connect USB HDD1tb . Volumio can not finish scan, it loop scan… 1album --> 500 album — > 1album —> 5000album…

@longmobi, I haven’t tested this with a large number of albums, but given Volumio Buster is in the works, I don’t feel it is worthwhile anymore to go through the hassle of diagnosing an issue and providing a fix (if such a fix is possible at all) that would only last for a short while. I would suggest trying out the beta version of Volumio Buster and see how it works out for you.

I’m using Amlogic Version, do you have beta version of Volumio Buster for amlogic? please share :slight_smile:

That sucks then. Amlogic support for Volumio Buster is probably going to have to wait…

Thank Patrickkfkan

I tryed Volumio Buster On Pi4 & PC Mpd is ok. But can you re-build new MPD for Amlogic?

Without logs pinpointing the cause of the issue, and the fact that I no longer possess an Amlogic device capable of running Volumio, you would have to do the build yourself.

Follow the Github link in the first post of this thread. You will find the build scripts there which you can tune and build MPD for your Amlogic device. As you can see from the issues raised there, it would probably be best to do the build on a computer running Debian Buster or in a Buster chroot cage (which is how I did my builds).

I would consider looking into this issue if it’s being reported more widely and I have actual data indicating the cause.

Hi Patrickkfkan

I need Your Help …

I do not know how I can help with just a screenshot showing that the ncurses package failed to build…

In fact, why do you think rebuilding MPD will help if the same build scripts were used? Do you even know what caused the scan to go into a loop in the first place?

I follow this guide GitHub - patrickkfkan/volumio-build-mpd

$ apt install build-essential wget rsync gawk bison \
    	python python3 python3-pip cmake autoconf libtool \
    	git pkg-config gettext intltool qemu-user-static \
    	libgcrypt20-dev gperf libglib2.0-dev docbook-xsl \
    	xsltproc libncurses-dev flex texinfo
$ pip3 install meson ninja
# Go to home directory
$ cd ~
# Get the script
$ git clone
$ cd volumio-build-mpd
$ ./ --target=armv7 --prefix=/opt/mympd --output=mympd.tar.gz -j8

Can you help me?

Again, nothing that indicates the actual errors you got.

Zero information about your build environment.

And you do not seem to take my suggestion that you first identify the cause of the issue before attempting to fix it.

Hi Sorry My English is bad

I’m using Volumion On Tx3mini With S905W chipset. It can not finish as image & Config.log bellow. Can you help me?

config-1.txt (8.4 KB)

– You are trying to rebuild the same version as is linked in the first post - not sure if that will solve any issues you have.
– Those scripts are not meant to run on the actual device, but to “Cross” compile. i.e compile from a different architecture (or lets call it a different computer for simplicity)
To make them work, try running it on a x86_64 computer…

@ashthespy, thanks for replying. I agree that going through the same build is not going to solve any issue.

@longmobi , I would like to repeat my previous suggestion that you find the cause of the problem first so you can target it in your fix.

But, if you are adamant about doing this build without a clue what to look out for, then please do it on Debian Buster or in a Buster chroot cage as this is the environment I did my builds in.

Hi, I left my success story about updating to mpd 0.21 version on the the thread about youtube 2/3 cut off. I did it to solve my 2/3 cut off problem with youtube plugin. It solved 2/3 cut off problem however caused me unable to play DSD files. After I reverted with “–original” option, I can play DSD files now. Also after I reverted to original MPD, youtube2 plugin is not working.
My system info
Odroid XU4 with Volumio version 2.857 downloaded at this link . No other plugin than youtube2 installed.