mp3 playback noisy, flac is OK


I am running the latest volumio on a RaspberryPi. (My DAC is an Emotiva XDA-2).
Time to time mp3 playback goes to rubish: very loud white noise is overlaid on the mp3 sound. The mp3 sound is not replaced by noise, the noise is overlaid on it.
Lossless playback (e.g. flac) is perfectly OK. The issue comes and goes, doesn’t happen all the time, sometimes mp3 playback is OK, sometimes it is not.
Again: this is NOT the cracking issue. It is loud white noise mixed with the music for mp3s.

Any ideas?

No ideas? Why would mp3 playback be super noisy but flac be OK? These files were ripped from my original CDs, they worked before so it is not a problem with the files.

Did you try it without your DAC, maybe its damaged?
Try a other powersupply (if you have any laying around), disconnect every device (usbt sticks, usb harddrives, wlan dongle…)

Thanks for the reply!
I tried it with a different DAC and a different PSU for the Pi, same issue. Quite weird. Nothing else is connected normally, just the DAC.
The weird thing is I play an mp3, huge static noise on top of the music. Stop mp3 playback switch to flac, flawless. Back to mp3 static noise, back to flac flawless again. Switch to airplay, flawless. Based on this I don’t really think it is a hardware issue, but it is really strange.

I found a similar issue … noise#p481

Essentially the same setup, mpd on an rpi, controlled with Theremin (or whatever).
Only in my case using the “next” button doesn’t fix the problem :frowning:


I have the same problem.
On Raspi B, with Volumio 1.4 : No problem with mp3 format.
On Raspi B, with Volumio 1.4 with the update (as explain in : VOLUMIO FOR RASPBERRY PI B+) : Very noisy mp3 - No problem with flac
On Raspi B+ , with Volumio 1.41 : Very noisy mp3

I use a USB DAC : Asus Xonar Essence STU

If someone have an idea to solve this topics?

I’m having this exact issue, with a Schiit Bifrost DAC connected by USB to a Pi B+ running Volumio 1.55.

FLACs play fine, AACs play fine, but mp3s play staticy noise.

Anyone made any progress on this issue?