Moving Volumio to larger SD card on Raspberry Pi

I’ve just moved my Raspberry Pi Volumio from a small card to a 128GB card, to give me space to store my music library on the card. After a lot of searching different sources I found it straightforward, but having a spare morning I thought I’d write it up for fellow simpletons like me!

First step was to clone Volumio from the original SD card to the 128GB SD card using Win32 Disk Imager. I then needed to enlarge Partition 3 on the new card to make use of at least some of the additional space on it. Gparted seemed the obvious choice.

To get Gparted I downloaded and ran Tuxboot, which allowed me to choose Gparted and install it on a USB stick. Simpler than I thought.

On another machine I opened this video, the last section of which is a good tutorial on how to use Gparted.

I then removed the SD card and booted up from the USB stick, following the advice in the video to accept all the defaults, and lo and behold there was a Gparted window with all my drives! Following the video I inserted the SD card and refreshed Gparted and there was my SD card with a whole lot of free space to the right of Partition 3. I decided to use all but about 30GB of this to expand the partition, and remembered to tick the green confirmation to set the process underway. Once done, I exited, removed the SD card and USB stick and rebooted. Put the SD card back in the Pi, started Volumio, gave it a couple of minutes and there in Windows File Explorer was the Samba share ready for me to copy in all of my library. Job done.

i just loaded gparted on to a raspberry OS on a usb stick and resized the sd.

Which sounds simple enough, but hides a whole lot of knowledge which I didn’t have. I think you underestimate my ignorance!

FWIW, you can do the achieve a resize directly from a running Volumio instance…

touch /boot/resize-volumio-datapart
sudo reboot

And for your quest for knowledge – to understand what it does have a look at Run out of space, so cloned to bigger SD card. Cannot expand the partition - #5 by ashthespy

Cheers :slight_smile:

That was one of the posts I read beforehand. I didn’t understand the explanation, and didn’t want to try the command in case it didn’t give me resize options.

ash i needed to resize for smaller sd that’s why i used gparted…