Move songs within a playlist

Hello !

I would like to know if it is possible to move the tracks of a playlist (for instance : move one song down, another up) ?
Because I can’t do it currently.

Thanks you so much for Volumio !!

dead easy : on the playlist, click on the small album art and move up or down ! :wink:


Nope ! it does not work :frowning:

[size=85]Volumio 2.041
Firefox 50.1.0[/size]

You’re right. It works in the queue but not in playlist… I thought it was the same behaviour.

[size=85]Merci pour ta réponse.[/size]

Someone knows if the feature is coming soon :wink: ?
Because for the moment, the playlist is not very useful …

Besides, I think there’s a bug. When I click on a playlist --> Clear and Play, the raspberry reboot.

Thank you

Load the playlist in the Queue
Organize it there and then save it into a Playlist (in a new playlist or the same name)
I also think it’s easier to remove stuff when working in the Queue list

Hello Sonoskiller,

That’s what I was doing :wink:
I just wanted less click :slight_smile:


I can still rearrange / move / reorder songs in the Queue on an iPad or an iPhone but I can’t do it on Chrome or Safari on a MAC.

(I have a memory (perhaps a false memory!) that I could move songs on the Queue tab using a PC/MAC browser in previous versions.)

Has this (very useful) feature been removed from desktop browsers?

Volumio 2.853: dragging a web radio “track” in the queue doesn’t work - drag > animation implies the position has changed > release drag > track reverts to original position - same behavior from Volumio app (Android 7.1) or web browser (Windows + Chome | Vivaldi). A conventional music track can be dragged/ moved OK.