Mount nas driver

Volumio 3 Issues?
I have a file system with all my library. I have been using Volumio 2 and no problem. Today I am trying mount my nas driver using the same parameters from ver 2, the driver is not mounting. What do I need to do?
Please see: Volumio 3 issues: hints and solutions before posting a new issue.
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Here is what I have. The username/password are for whatever samba user you created on your NAS.

‘nasbak’ is the name of my NAS and ‘sibernas’ is the directory on nasbak where my music is stored.

I have all of those parameters as you are because I used them on Volumio 2 and they work fine, but on Volumio 3 the same parameters are not working.

Someone on another thread with a similar problem fixed it by adding vers=1.0 in the options field. I don’t need this, but maybe you could try.

If your NAS, like mine, use an old version of the protocol, then you may need to use


as an option to make it work

I am using in the options sec=ntlm

Could it be because I do not have a user setup, and maybe this new version it requires a user in order to work?

NO luck, I give up.

You do need to setup a samba user on your nas and copy those credentials in the Volumio settings. If the drive was connected to a usb port on another Volumio on your network this is not required.