Moscow, Russia


love to experiment with everything.
currently in use
Raspberry Pi 2
BeagleBone Black
Odroid C1+
C1+ HiFi Shield
Anedio D2 DAC
Adam A7 active speakers
Kimber KCAG XLR, XLO Signature 3 RCA, etc. cables
TL-WN722N, TL-WDN3200, etc. WiFi USB adapters
IPads, android tablets, android phones

(ZuperDAC, OliveOne, ARCam Miniblink, Squeezebox Touch, Duet, Radio, Yulong D18 DAC, Matrix Cube DAC, Raspberry Pi, Sure Electronics bluetooth, lot of headphones, desktops, laptops, NAS’, etc. - also in use, lots of CDs, digital downloads, Spotify and so on)

long time volumio user and donator as well.

Hi, what is the best combo? I have rpi and several dacs


best so far is Odroid C1+ (TL-WDN3200 TP-Link WiFi adapter) connected to Anedio DAC.
Sound is ok, occational drops on hi-res audio.

Odroid C1+ and HiFi Schiels sounds good for the price.