more source visibility options?

What I like about Volumio is the beautiful user interface for configuration.

My question is about configuring the main menu.
I have seen that you can hide unused items like Artists, Albums. Very nice.

Because my music is organized in folders I need to use the Music Library item.
Next I have to click on NAS and next on MediaServer (the Alias).
That means that always, after clicking Home, I need two extra clicks to reach the folders I need. Thats is really a pity!
For me and my family it is important to keep the user interface as simple as possible.
So hide what you don’t use and show items what you often use.

So is it possible, currently or in the near future, to configure the Alias on the main menu?
That would certainly make me switch over to Volumia!

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I actually second this :unamused: I typically use the folder structure (as I’m really really used to that structure)

Let’s see if this is easily achievable

I was mostly using it that way too. It is somewhat annoying to select Music Library, then have to select USB, then the Music folder.
It could be nice to be able to set the root of Music Library directly to the directory/folder containing the Artist\Album structure.
But since I got working on the tags and maintaining a more uniform set of files, I’ve been using the Artist and Album selections to navigate my music more than the folder structure presented under Music Library.