Monthly subscription options

Has the option to pay for subscriptions been removed? I only want to pay for a month so I can try out Volumio3 with all the features. I know this used to be an option but I can only seem to find the yearly sub and there doesn’t appear to be any way to change it to monthly. Really annoying.


Only yearly by now


Any option to try first?

I just want to finally try the analogue input feature. £57 is a lot of money just to try something. Surely there should be a free trial or at least a monthly subscription? I tried using the voucher code but its already been used too many times (as always…)

To be honest, if the analogue option was included in Virtuoso, Id probably just take a year subscription. But 57 quid for superstar just to be able to use that single function is a bit steep. (I’m not bothered about Tidal or any of that other stuff.

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There was trial before atleast, you could always use different email if you used the trial already.

But to be honest, while the cost for trying out something seems bit high i agree.
You could think it as one time donation to support the developement of volumio if you decide not to use the premium features after the year. If you plan to use volumio for longer period and divide the cost per each year it’s not that much.

You’re presuming I haven’t already donated… I take your point about supporting the development of Volumio. And this is why I’d be happy to subscribe if it was monthly. I just don’t want to shell out £57 in one go just to have a mess about with something for a few hours. I think you should give people the option.

I have, in fact, subscribed to a monthly plan before. But… I unsubscribed as the analogue input was pointless for me unless it allowed me to send it to other devices. Which is didn’t. I’ve been waiting for this functionality and I just want to test it out. I’m not prepared to pay £57 for the privilege of doing so and I doubt I’m alone in that.

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I had the Virtuoso subsrcrition for a longer time and wanted to switch to the Superstar on a trial basis - with monthly payment method. when I activated it, I saw that I can only select annually. Reactivation to Virtuoso - annual payment! For me as an occasional listener, an absolute no-go! If nothing changes here, I will stay with the free subscription and switch to another product in the long term.
Best regards from a disappointed user

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Totally agree. I see no reason other than greed for not doing monthly subscriptions. If they stand by the product there should be no reason not to do so. They must think people are too likely to cancel. To be honest, Id probably go for a yearly sub but there’s no way I’m going to commit without trailing it first. There is only one feature I really need in superstar and its new to Volumio version 3. So I need to see how it works first. Simple as that.

Thanks guys for your feedbacks.

The reasons for removing the monthly subscriptions option are 2:

  • Our payment processor, on small amounts like virtuoso monthly (2,99 euros) takes as commissions and fees about 1,5 euros. So, in fact, from every virtuoso monthly we get just 1,5 euros. The impact of the commission is far less for the yearly plan.
  • Only 25% of the users are on a monthly plan, 75% are on yearly.

So the reason for removing monthly was to waste less money on commissions, since it did not also seem a very popular option. On top of that, we are really trying to simplify the offer for our users and not offer too many overwhelming options.

With the release of Volumio3 we want to improve\change the pricing of the premium plans this way:

  • Have a single “Premium” tier, priced in between Virtuoso and Superstar, which will have ALL the premium features.
  • We are considering the comeback of monthly plan, but it will have a less favorable ratio compared to yearly (now monthly is about 10% of yearly, we are considering raising it to 15 or 20%, to compensate for the higher fees).

What are your feedbacks on this change? What do you think?

I’d happily pay for a yearly sub if I was happy with the features. I just want to try them first.l to make sure. Really, I think a free trial period would be the fairest thing to offer.

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I thought that there was a 15 day free trial already??

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If the price-performance ratio fits, I would also pay. A free trial period would be a very fair solution.

Guys, there is a 15 days trial period … Wonder why you think otherwise?

Also for superstar features? I guess I need to subscribe for superstar for having this trial no?
For example if I subscribe for virtuoso to have 15 days trial also for superstar features and after 15 days to decide.

I can’t find a free trial?? Is this for Superstar?

It is there for both Virtuoso and Superstar. I looked by registering as a new user. Are you sure that your current username hasn’t accessed the trial previously? If not, I suggest that you contact techsupport at volumio dot org

Right, there is no trial for people that want to upgrade from a current plan.
We will have a look on how to add it

Got there in the end. Managed to get a free 15 day trial but had to use a different email address. Still can’t figure out how to send my analogue input signal to other devices on the network. That’s the main thing for me. Will have a fiddle with with and see if I can suss it out. If not I’ll have a search on here.

The idea for just 1 plan would be great. That way all the subscibers can enjoy the full eco system. For instance: personally, as a Virtuoso subscriber, I currently miss the feature of Artist info, but I don’t miss it that bad to justify the gap between the two plans