Monitor your Volumio Raspberry hardware in Home Assistant

Hello guys en girls,

With the release of Volumio 3 on Buster it is now possible to monitor your Raspberry hardware in Home Assistant (or another MQTT running instance).

Here is a quick overview, how to get there.

First, you need to have a running MQTT broker. If you do not have that now, I suggest installing Mosquitto, which is an standard Supervisor addon in Home assistant.

Manual is here: addons/ at master · home-assistant/addons · GitHub

You also need HACS store being installed on your HA instance. It is possible without HACS too, see manual, but that method needs more effort.

Then you need to install RPi Reporter MQTT2HA Daemon on your Volumio Raspberry.

Manual and files are here: GitHub - ironsheep/RPi-Reporter-MQTT2HA-Daemon: Linux service to collect and transfer Raspberry Pi data via MQTT to Home Assistant (for RPi Monitoring)

Then you need to install Lovelace RPi Monitor Card on Home Assistant.

Manual and files are here: GitHub - ironsheep/lovelace-rpi-monitor-card: A Raspberry Pi status display Card for Home Assistant Lovelace

Here is an example of the card configuration, I use:

type: vertical-stack
  - type: custom:rpi-monitor-card
    entity: sensor.rpi_monitor_localhost
    card_style: full
    temp_scale: C
      - color: Green
        from: 0
        to: 70
      - color: Orange
        from: 71
        to: 85
      - color: Red
        from: 86
        to: 100
    name: Volumio Woon RPi monitor
    show_warning: false
    show_error: false
  - type: gauge
    entity: sensor.rpi_temp_localhost
    min: 0
    max: 100
      green: 0
      yellow: 55
      red: 70
    name: ADSBx RPi processor
  - type: sensor
    entity: sensor.rpi_temp_localhost
    graph: line
    name: Temp 24h
    detail: 2

And this is the result, you get in Home Assistant:

Have fun programming :wink:

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Ok, that was the first and the last contribution here… :thinking:

Nou nie zo doen :slight_smile:

Why woukd this be the last post? You understand this crowed is mainly interested in playing audio. Not into home automation. I am but with Domoticz…


I’ve got this set up on a number of other Pi’s, but never really thought to put it onto my Volumio boxes.

It does work, but it also shows a little issue/error on Volumio. As you can see from the HA configuration, it shows the host name as “localhost” rather than its correct name (hence why the HA sensors are sensor.rpi_monitor_localhost for example).

It’s quite easy to fix - go to /etc/hosts and in that you can find the entry for which is localhost first and your actual device name second. If you swap them around and save the file (you’ll need to edit it with sudo) and reboot then it works and HA picks up the correct sensor names.

The localhost version will work, but of course if you try it with multiple devices then they will clash as they will all be called “localhost” as far as the script and HA are concerned.

You can check using “hostname -f” on the volumio device what the visible host name actually is for this.

Oh and there are a couple of nice pre-build cards that can be installed and used with this addon. Details are on the GH page if you don’t want to home-brew like the one above.

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If even a like or a thank you is too much, I don’t feel anyhow inspired to offer my time. Quiet normal reaction… :wink:

You are right.

What I got now is

Exactly, as HA always behave’s with double devices.

So it just works fine… :wink:

Fair enough - it’s an easy tweak on the hosts file to get “proper” device names though if you prefer.

I will dive in to it this weekend, thank you for the tip :wink:

You’re correct. Thanks for the efforts. :+1:

Currently there are a lot of issues, which shift the priority to support questions or trying to solve issues.

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Not anyhow aimed at Volumio itself, but to the community of users :wink:

At the moment I decided to say, that I won’t continue my contribution, this thread has been read by 50 visitors, and all walked away without waving :wink: It’s just discouraging.
But that is nowhere a Volumio problem. I know, you guys have much more important stuff to deal with.

I personally, when I read a thread with manuals written by volunteers, always give a like or something, even if I will NOT use it anyhow. It’s just a sign for the poster, that his invest of time is welcome.

And now i stop talking about that too, before some wise man comes to tell me, that I’m to much demanding :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Sorry you’re feeling frustrated. I find the community here very active and generally constructive and often brilliant. I’m not sure what you were expecting, but there’s so much going on around the Volumio (and everywhere else!) right now and maybe that’s why your work hasn’t got the attention you expected. I don’t have a home assistant, otherwise I’d have gladly given your suggestion a try.

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I have only just read your post (and I do use Home Assistant). As Simon says, it is busy at the current time, and as Wheaten points out most of the Community probably do not use Home Assistant. Having said that, contributions from the Community are always very much welcome :smiley: :+1:



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