Money makes the world go round

Free is good and sharing is a nice gesture but like socialism it’ll never work in the end!

I monthly donate a couple of $ to some other music related projects thru Patreon ( My small way to show support to nice projects and good people.

I don’t know if these kinds of ideas is a No No in the shareware world but i’m confident that it’s needed to survive long term.

I don’t mean to gather money to make someone financially independent or pay salary , just to motivate core people with maybe a payed trip to a Volumio meeting , needed soft/hardware or other stuff payed out of own pocket etc.

It don’t take much to take dedication out of dedicated people!

With the huge base of Volumio users and a honest promotion I’m confident it will be good way to support and be supported.

Give it a thought !

Bless you all

You know what, I’ve been thinking on setting up a Patreon page for the last month… And yes, I think we’ll set it up.

I am always looking at providing financial viability to this project, in a way that will benefit everyone. Something like the shop… There will be some great surprises in few days about this.
But a patreon page would be sure a great help, thanks for suggesting it

here it is :

Got already some great ideas for it… What about crowdfunded new plugins? Or what could be a good goal for you guys?

In any case, for all of you contributing to the patreon page, thank you! You’ll help us paying our server bills (you’re a lot, and they are getting expensive!!), skilled development and the equipment that we need! :wink:

why not put the link: in your footer?
I read patreon is taking 5% of your money. so paypal might still a reasonable alternative.

I note that Moode has now become a $10 purchase, although the license makes no comment about whether the purchase is a one-off for that particular release or whether the key survives versions. The lack of clarity is a turn-off; Patreon may be a good idea but then you’re on a treadmill, just like any other software vendor who feels the need to stay current. I do subscribe to dbPoweramp as their SW is effective and the updates probably no more than yearly. The RPi world, though, is rapidly changing so maybe a small quarterly subscription? €5 ?

Moode’s move is offensive (forking an Open Source project and making it closed source and payware), and illegal since he’s breaking GPL in a number of ways. We will not follow that route.

Instead we are preparing something very cool. Volumio will be always free and Open (as possible), and we’ll be offering some premium-cloud based services for a small subscription.
Its a big investment, but I definetely think it will pay-off for everyone: volumio will still be available to anyone for free, and those wanting to have uber-cool features will have them ensuring the project’s financial sustainability.
I will prepare a post explaining what we’re going to have.

What do you think?

Hi @michelangelo

Mighty glad to see that you try (a bit lame but at least a try!) :slight_smile:
You ain’t a girl scout selling cookies, that can trust charm and a nice smile! So we can do better there !

-A nice and short presentation about the Volumio project
-Why you need donations
-How you can donate, It’s safe!, register a Patreon accont , connect your Paypal account, small monthly amounts, no lifetime commitments ,easy to end or adjust donations. (For many it ain’t no natural laws ruling or a spinal cord reflex when it comes to donate over internet)

  • Link to the Patreon page

Where you dare to place a “Shop” button you shall also place a “Support Volumio” button !! ,

On the download page is a must for a “Support Volumio” button
(saw them in the blog , that’s good)

A standing and top subject in the Forum “Support Volumio”

Bless you all

Opps 10 Patreons now :wink:


Hey, are you saying my smile does not work? :smiley:

First thank you for being the 10th!! And yes, I shall dedicate some time for this patreon page… Absolutely… You know I become extremely lazy for these tasks… But yeah, they are necessary… Thank you for the tips!

Well your smile is okay and if you add your charm into this you will sell many cookies :laughing:

OK, done Patreon.

Looked at Moode’s Ts&Cs and I don’t think he’s breaking GPL; he’s only charging for the data contained in the MySQL DB containing the config info that makes Moode (plus the stepped attenuator stuff which isn’t GPL). True, it’s no longer easy to download Moode without paying but everyone has to cover their costs somehow. I still don’t like the lack of clarity around the licensing (how long does $10 last? One major version? One version of any sort? Forever?).

Not interested in cloud-based stuff as the lack of control is worrying. It’s always been difficult to control if one relies on external services but the cloud is simply too remote to be able to manage/control. Any idea where your cloud is and who is looking at it? If it’s over the USA, how much personal information is going there and do you feel that your cloud provider is obeying the EU GDPR? Privacy Shield, anyone?

No to cloud stuff, yes to a small subscription, and more power to the Volumio elbow…