/mnt/NAS folder missing and or not created

I have just done a fresh install of Volumio after changing over from Raspyfi1.0. I entered the mount information for my NAS but got the error “/mnt/NAS/audio missing”.

Via ssh I created the folders /mnt/NAS and /mnt/NAS/audio and it worked ok.

Does Volumio not create the NAS folder and the folder you enter when mounting a NAS? I think creating the folder via ssh is going to put some people off :slight_smile:

Thanks for all your work on Raspyfi & Volumio.


I think you don’t need to manually create the folders in /mnt. Volumio doest it himself after having entered correct informations.
Did you tried to add a new mount point in volumio.local interface ?

Yeah, you’re right: sometimes the folder is not created. This is quite a strange bug, it just happens randomly… Could you please tell the exact parameters you entered? Trying to investigate…