Mixer control: disabled vs. software 100%

Hi, everyone!

I have a question that bugs me.
Is there any difference between setting the mixer type as “disabled” and setting “software” volume control at 100%?
I suppose that the software mixer quality is affected mainly by rounding algorithm, bypassed when the control is disabled. But at 100% there won’t be any software adjustment, so the data will be sent to the output (DAC, digiamp, other) unalterated, like with “disabled” mixer type.
Any thought?
I’m probably missing something more complicated under the hood…


You know what… I can’t reply to your question: in theory you’re right, but sure we’ll be missing something.

If I would bet, to get max quality I would keep mixer to None. But I have no evidence to support this statement

Is it possible that there is something involving ALSA driver? Like bypassing some controls when mixer is disabled.