Missing Music is still there

Hi there.
I have deleted three albums i did not want i have searched my hard drive for them even hidden files and connt find them, but they are showing up on volumio and they all play fine, If i disconnect the hard drive they dissapear. I have booted the PI4 with and without hard drive clicked on update source even wiped Micro SD card and reinstalled volumio and hay what do you know there still bloody there. please help

cheers mike

Did you erase these album using Windows? If yes, they are probably in a hidden folder $bin or something like that.

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yes im on windows 10, ive got show hidden files and still it says there not on the hard drive, also the $bin is empty.

I have cleared the $bin completely and what threw me is the albums are still in the last 100 played and work. Now when I search for them there not there

Thankyou I got 50gb back from the $bin and I’ve finally cleared the simpsons lol

:+1: adding a file called . mpdignore with innit folders to ignore ($bin) at the root of the disk should do the trick.

Not sure how to do that, is there a guide somewhere? Thank you

You simply add a text file called .mpdignore containing more specific info about what files to ignore in the appropriate folder. Have a look at how to exclude folders from Library update.