Missing music in library / Folder access


I’m new to VOLUMIO…so please don’t beat me if some of my questions sound a bit stupid :blush:

So far, I got the system working on a Tinkerboard and I managed to get Tidal and Qobuz running. Still struggling to get the NAS recognized, but I did not try hard and so far, I’m using a USB drive with my music.

I can scan the drive, find a lot of music (it’s 1.5T), but a significant part is not visible. I understand that Linux is a bit more tricky if it comes down to file names and special characters. Some of the music was copied via a Linux system from an internal hard drive, some I did copy via my MAC using Pandorra to access the USB drive.

I had a similar problem with the old Linux based system (that’s why I’m looking for a new and better solution), but I could access my music via the file structure of my hard drive and so even files that did not get properly recognized during the scanning, I could play.
On Volumio I can go to the library on the homepage, but that does not really show me the structure of my hard drive.

So my questions are:

Is there a way to access the file structure?

How can I find out why so many folders are missing in the scanning?

Do I have to give the files some special rights after I transferred them from my Mac to the USB drive?

The Tinkerboard is only a start, my final system will be a small computer with no fan from MSI with an M2 SSD for booting and internal hard drive for storing music. The system should drive a pretty High-End setup in my listening room (I’m running a company for designing speakers).
In the past, I used a few systems like Amarra and Audirvana on a Mac, JRiver and JPlay on Windows, AURELIC Aries and a Linux based system from a small company here in Germany…so I had all the pain with systems not running stable. As we use it here every day from the morning to the evening and switch a lot between internal music and Qobuz or Tidal, we might stress it a bit more than usual. And as my library was growing over years, tagged and ripped with different programs, it might be also not the easiest to read and identify. :blush: :blush:

Thanks for help in advance.

Best regards

Karl-Heinz Fink

The USB mount is shared so you should be able to see it in Windows or on your MAC.

Check that you can see all the files through the share firstly. What format are the files from your MAC?

For file permissions, it might be easier to see the problem directly from your device … ssh in to the command line, ‘cd /mnt/USB’ and if all your files are there, check the permissions of the working ones with those you can’t “see” in Volumio.


thanks. Yes, I did find the USB drive on the Network.

My files are all FLAC or wav or DSF…maybe a few AIFF that I missed.
Will check the permission.

I changed one folder (removed the ID3 tags), but did not help. Instead, now I have the system scanning it, but after almost at the end, it goes back to zero and starts again. Deleted the folder I was working on, but that did not help with the loop :frowning: . No idea what happened.
Maybe I should set the system back, reflashing the SD-card and start from scratch.

It would be helpful if I could see which files did not make it. On my Aurelic system (also Linux based), I get a list with untagged files that I can play if I like, but also use to rework the library.
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Hi from Germany,

meanwhile, I gave up with Volumio, because I cannot get my library into the system without lots of missing albums.

Pity, but it’s not the only Linux based system that has problems to read in libraries with “history”.

Right now, I’m reworking my library with my AURELIC system, as it gives me a list of untagged files. With the help of SONGKONG, a pretty nice almost automatic Tagger …definitely a work I don’t like.
Is there any other program that can check a music library and gives a list of what would not be recognised by Volumio? That would be really helpful :laughing:

Best regards


Bit of a awkward one here. Presumably the scan is coming across files that are corrupted or otherwise not acceptable. All I can suggest is trying to add your content back piece by piece, in order to isolate the problem file/s.


2TB of music is a lot…it would take ages to check them one by one. What’s about adding folder view?

BTW, a lot of the files I could not see on Volumio, I could find on the Auralic system, Amarra, Audirvana, Jriver and others.

Is there no information what exactly is required or Volumio to recognize the file? Tagging is not really precisely defined, so a certain flexibility would be great :stuck_out_tongue:

You might like to have a look at what mpd supports and doesn’t … that’s the engine used by Volumio.

Hi from Essen,

I’m working hard to get my library up and running :slight_smile:. It’s definitely necessary that the songs are properly tagged. The somewhat unusual strategy of Volumio showing Albums is not so bad, once you get used to it.
I wish, there would be a possibility to have a way to jump faster down when scrolling a large library. One solution I have used in the past used an alphabet “slider” on the right.

I’m missing a lot (or maybe all) of album covers on albums that have them embedded into the Metadata, but no “folder.xxx” included. I’m buying a lot of HighRes from Qobuz and they come with all the correct tagging, but not with a folder.jpg - only with Album_Name.jpg.

Funny enough, Volumio also tags the Recycle/Trash bin. I was getting mad, finding the root cause of a lot of strange folders, sometimes only with a dot and no names.
The reason for the recycles bin is that I use of the drive with Mac and sometimes with Windows for tagging, as it is a lot faster than working over the network. Is it not possible to include a filter that stops “tagging” Recycle/trash bin?

Soundwise, I’m very happy with the result. We designed a proper linear power supply here for the Tinkerboard and I separated the 5V USB power between the hard drive and the Tinkerboard (made a huge difference). The USB output runs via a reclocker with a separated power supply to a MARANTZ SA10, used as D/A… I played the setup to some journalists and saw some very surprised faces. :laughing:
Would love to use the system on a small PC soon…the UI is a bit slow on the tiny Tinkerboard. Maybe the new Odroid x86 board?
If I really get Volumio running, I’ll demonstrate with it in my room during the next HighEnd show in Munich :slight_smile:

Best regards

Karl-Heinz Fink


I had the same problem on my Volumio.

I hadn’t used it for quite a while (couple of months maybe?). Did an update from the gui. And when it restarted my library was gone. Eventually found my way here

I had this:

volumio@volumio:/mnt/NAS/Plex_Music$ systemctl status mpd.service -l ● mpd.service - Music Player Daemon Loaded: loaded (/lib/systemd/system/mpd.service; enabled) Active: failed (Result: start-limit) since Thu 2019-10-31 16:43:49 UTC; 56min ago Docs: man:mpd(1) man:mpd.conf(5) Process: 1522 ExecStart=/usr/bin/mpd --no-daemon (code=exited, status=127) Main PID: 1522 (code=exited, status=127)

Did the symlink and reboot and now:

volumio@volumio:~$ systemctl status mpd.service -l ● mpd.service - Music Player Daemon Loaded: loaded (/lib/systemd/system/mpd.service; enabled) Active: active (running) since Thu 2019-10-31 17:46:30 UTC; 50s ago Docs: man:mpd(1) man:mpd.conf(5) Main PID: 648 (mpd) CGroup: /system.slice/mpd.service └─648 /usr/bin/mpd --no-daemon

Perhaps the problem is to do with the long interval between updates?