Missing metadata (tag) using minimserver with wav files

Hi all,

I use Rasp 3b+/Volumio 2 (latest firmware) and Minimserver on a Synology DS412+ NAS.
It’s working perfectly nevertheless some questions:

Usng the Volumio app on an Android device.

When I let the Raspi do the flac to wav conversion, I get the perfect data in my screen.
I always let Minimserver do the flac to wav conversion so the Raspi only have to transport the file. Then I loose my tags metadata and tracknumer showing $!transcode.wav

When I use the same file and use BubbleUpNP or BubbleDS this data is picked up normally.
So it is transferred some

How could I solve this?


Sorry to not answer, but what is the interest of converting flax to wav? And how do you do it with your RPI running Volumio?

No problem :slight_smile:
No going in deep discussion. Flac is a kind of zipped wav file, it will be unpacked to make it a wav file. It will take processor time. A NAS is oing this easier then the raspi. Besides that for my ears a wav file sounding slightly more comfortable to my ears then a flac file.

Humm . A flac uses a free lossless audio codec. So no losses. Depending on compression, the file size varies, but uncompressed data are identical. in the best case, converting to an other format you will get the same data, in other case you’ll loose information…

flac to wav and wav to flav, no data is lost this in contrast from wac/flac to mp3

Playing wav files will give a better sound than playing flac files. This is the broad consensus on the forum https://www.aktives-hoeren.de
The less the CPU is busy, the better the sound.

In the past, flac files were used because flac is a lossless data format and uses only half as much memory. But in times of cheap memory this is no longer important.

Really, I can’t believe we can hear a difference… And even a small cpu is just a little use to read any type of file…

There is so many other factors really important…

Then keep using your flac files. That sounds good, but the better sound you get with wav files. Wait until other users confirm this.

sure! :wink: