Minisforum Z83f ‎model JP-USB1923

Can you conforme that the mini pc model z83f is compatibile with volumio?

Thanks and best regards

|Dimensioni del collo|‎20.6 x 13.2 x 5.8 cm; 600 grammi|
|Fattore di forma|‎Fattore di forma ridotto|
|Marchio processore|‎Intel|
|Tipo processore|‎Atom|
|Velocità processore|‎1.92 GHz|
|Numero processori|‎4|
|Dimensioni RAM|‎4 GB|
|Tipologia di memoria computer|‎DDR3 SDRAM|
|Dimensioni Hard-Disk|‎64 GB|
|Descrizione Hard-Disk|‎EMMC|
|Interfaccia Hard-Disk|‎USB 2.0|
|Coprocessore grafico|‎Intel HD Graphics 400|
|Descrizione scheda grafica|‎Intel® HD Graphics 400|
|Tipo memoria scheda grafica|‎DDR3 SDRAM|
|Interfaccia scheda grafica|‎Integrato|
|Tipo di connettività|‎Bluetooth, Wi-Fi|
|Tipo wireless|‎802.11bgn, 802.11ac|

I have a Z83II box, which runs Volumio3 (beta version currently under testing) well. In any case, it’s simple enough to try running from a USB flash stick without installation to the hard disk.

Hi and thanks for the answer.

I ask because i have not yet bought the machine.

In case you confirm that you could provide me with the beta version I would buy it.



The latest volumio 2 version available does not work with the z83: it does not recognise the wifi hardware.
Could you please let me download Volumio 3?


If you encounter problems then please respond in that thread (making sure that you read carefully about what info you need to provide, including how to post a system log).

Hi again,

Still problems with the wifi
I get this message:

I do mot know if anything can be done

I think that something might possibly be done, and that @gkkpch might well be interested in your problems with this device. Please have a look at this post, and add your device details and problem (wifi). It is important that you read the first post carefully, and add all the requested information.

Yes, this is a typical symptom of a missing driver, actually more likely missing firmware, for the embedded wifi hardware module.
Without the info @chsims1 pointed to, there is nothing much that can be done.
Please use the referred post, also to prevent other members getting similar issues in the future.