miniDLNA plugin

My configuration: Raspberry PI 3B + with Volumio.
A 1TB USB drive is connected to the RPI.
I have an Ubuntu 20.04 PC on a LAN.
Can I write from a PC to a USB drive over a network using the Volumio miniDLNA plugin?

It is not clear to ne what you want to do. Do you want copy or move files from your PC to the USB drive?

If so, that would not be nothing the miniDLNA plugin is for: This plugin installs a minidlna server on the Volumio system and allows you to configure this server from the plugin’s configuration page.

The minidlna server let’s you access (play) media files from another device. These media files have to be located in the directory/directories you have set on the configuration page of the plugin.

Yes, I want to copy media files from my PC to a USB drive connected to the RPI over a LAN.

How could I accomplish this with Volumio?

On your PC you can create an SMB share to Volumio. When you open the SMB share you should see three directories: “Internal Storage”, “NAS” and “USB”. Your USB drive should be found in the folder “USB”.