Minidlna and Upnp

I’m building my new media center by Raspberry PI 2 and Volumio.
I’ve switched from Osmc to Volumio because it is a more audiophile solution.
I’m facing a problem that I’ve solved on other systems in the past but I’m not able to find out a solution on Volumio.
I’m able to access to my USB hdd connected directly to the raspberry by Upnp, but BubbleUpnp show me Volumio as media renderer but not the hdd.
I was not able to install Minidlna that solved the problem on Osmc.
Could you help me on this topi?


found in that forum

1/ first install dlna
install minidlna on volumio 2

and configure it

2/ then see how it behaves

Thank you very much.
I’ve solved it this afternoon .
After three fresh installation finally it works, I don’t know why
Before it was not possible to use apt-get
Now I’m fighting against the lcd 20x4 and lcdproc…
Have a nice evening