Mini86 stops working

Good evening,

ich purchased a Mini86 from the shop a couple of weeks ago. While device works in general (I use a headless setup), a few day after starting up, it goes offline. By that, I mean

It is not reachable via web browser
It is not reachable via ssh
It is not visible in the network any more

After that, it needs to be switched off and on again to recover. After 2-3 days, this happens over again.

Any suggestions for debugging are welcome.

Kind regards

Is the Mini86 connected via wireless network? If yes, this might be because once the network connection is losts, the mini86 starts its hotspot. We are going to change this behaviour in a future update

Let me know

No, it is connected to my router via Lan, all Wifi including the hotspot are deactivated in the Volumio setup. I can see all my connected Lan devices on my router’s web page, and the Mini86 is not there.

Can you try setting a static IP? Might be that there is an IP conflict…

Hi Michelangelo,

thanks for the suggestion. I set a static IP for the Mini86 which is outside the range used by my DHCP server.

Unfortunately, the issue remains. After approximately two days the device is offline again and does not show any sign of being alive.


I will investigate and let you know. We’re about to release a new update for the mini86, if I can I will include this fix into the new release

Is there anything I can do to help investigating? Like providing logs, monitoring resources etc.?
In that case it would be interesting to understand a little bit about the setup of the operating system. I am quite experiences with Linux but need to know where to start.

Any suggestions?

The fact is that this is difficult to investigate if you loose control over the system…
However you can have a full picture of how our OS is built by looking at the sources:

After experiencing the same issue running v2.290 on my Mini86, I updated (over the air) to v2.295 and clicked restart. Alas, the Mini86 is ‘bricked’. (My USB DAC has an internal relay that makes an audible click when the Mini86 boots and does a ‘handshake’ with the DAC. It’s silent now.) I’ll perform a factory reset, and look forward to trying the next build. Caveat emptor.

Update: Three attempts to reset (using factory_reset file on USB thumb drive) were unsuccessful. :frowning: