Mini86 pauses 2 seconds every 2 minutes during playing DSD

This is Kokon from China.
Just bought a second hand Volumio Mini86(2G version), I found the music paused 2 seconds every 2 minutes during playing dsd files by connecting to Benchmark DAC2. Files are saved in a USB SSD, while the speed of this disk is perfect in Windows.
I have updated the system to latest version and set the buffer to 12M and 40%.
Please advise how to fix this problem.

While I changed the DAC to a different one, this problem was fixed, so the root cause is the Benchmark DAC. Also checked the DAC’s website, found there is a new firmware will address this problem.
EEPROM setting storage is now fully redundant to prevent data loss and data corruption.
The topic can be closed now.

Great to hear that you solved it !