Mini86 Internal HD Access Error

I got the Mini86 with internal HD delivered few days ago and I’m happy with the performance so far.

The problem I have is playing songs from the internal HD. I get an error message popping up on the gui which says “failed to open ALSA device on hd1,0 device”.

Library scan and playing from the NAS works as expected.

Second airplay did not play. It appeared in iTunes but did not play. I updated to the latest release.


Have to correct. The problem appears also playing from the NAS… After I did the update over the gui.

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The error you see means that the device cannot find the audio device on hw:1. This is probably due to an “improvement” we’ve made in latest release, which sets USB device to hw:5. The solution to this is really simple: just go to playback, and select again your USB DAC, then save.
Sorry for the inconvenience

let me know how it goes and also I would be curious to know what you think of the mini86!


Thanks for the hint. That did it :wink:

Regarding the Mini86. So far I am quite impressed.

Delivery was convenient. The parcel arrived after two weeks directly from China.

No installation required. Connection to the hotpot and changing network was easy. The same is true for scanning the library - the reason why I gave up my Cubox. Considering my huge library consist mainly of HiResAudio with 24/96, 24/192 and DSD I must say, scanning the NAS was very fast and painless.

My Teac UD501 DAC was immediately recognized. Also my FAT32 USB hard drive mounted straight away. I connected to the internal HD manually with smb on OSX (not autodetected on OSX) . Airplay is more or less stable (Sierra sucks)

For me most important: NO dropouts with HiResAudio and the GUI stays always very responsive! The soundquality is out of heaven :wink: The only glitch at the moment: DSD direct to the UD501 seems not work. The Display on the DAC says PCM354,8

It is still new and I don’t have that much experience yet. Using the wired connection, I did not check WIFi yet for example. But so far absolutely great, well worth the money. And yes, it is out of-the-box: Unpack, plug, scan and play!

Thank you Daniel, I am really happy you’re so satisfied by it!

Is there way to connect and use the Mini86 over bluetooth?

And any idea why DSD direct to the UD 501 shows PCM 354,8 on the DAC and not DSD?
That means the DSD gets converted to PCM 354,8 even though I set “DSD direct” in the playback settings.

This means that your DAC is not compatible with DSD Direct, that’s why Volumio (actually mpd) resamples to the highest PCM bitrate supported by your DAC. Is DoP working?

I the specs of the Teac UD501 is says:

As far as I understand “native playback” means “DSD direct”, pls correct me if I am wrong?

And yes, DoP works. After switching to DoP it says also “DSD 2,8 MHz” on the DAC screen