Might there be a way to plug straight into Pi Hat for Streaming Apple Music (without pluggin, or maybe a pluggin just for that)

Hi everyone,

I apologize upfront for not being an engineer, coder or super diy’er…

I’ve just been frustrated with the lack of implementation or pluging accommodation for streaming services outside of Spotify (still waiting for hi-res), Tidal (so expensive) and Qobuz (also expensive). Currently have Amazon Music and Apple Music with hi-res, but no way to integrate with my Allo Digione via Volumio. I know that this is not the fault of Volumio designers, but a proprietary issue/granting of access to the platform by any other services - outside of what’s currently available via adding plugins (in this case no Amazon or Apple).

Stupid as this sounds, and I’m sure I’ll get an answer based on the I/o software/hardware format simply not allowing this…but how cool would it be to simply open a gate to the DigiOne hat via usb to clean up/reclock the bits coming straight from a MacBook or iPhone? Sans plugin.

Or what about a pluggin that would allow for direct streaming bits from a computer or phone via usb just as one would with an outboard DAC? Similar to being able to use an external cd rom via Nanomesher (only without the track control).

Airplay works, but still does not sound nearly as good as bits via RPi usb then going to the Allo hat.

Yes, I know. just plug it into a DAC…but the Allo hat sounds so damned good from usb storage…much better than my dac’s usb. My DAC sound GREAT via coax, however. so would like to have the Allo Digione as a complete plug and play solution with added direct stream capability via usb, unless this is simply not possible.

Would love some community impressions and/or ideas. In the mean time, I’ll just wait in hopes of an Apple Music or Amazon Music plugin (unlikely from what I’ve been reading).

Or just get a better DAC, even though I know my current equipment could (in theory) sound excellent for streaming if not for the plugin barrier.

Thanks to everyone/anyone in advance!

Unfortunately until Amazon decides it wants to produce an accessible API you are stuck with the current situation. It is the same with Apple Music… loads of people asking for the currently impossible. Unless it makes money for them, I can’t see why anything will change … you would be better off petitioning the big corps controlling it rather than wishing here ;).