like many others, i was asking for bluetooth support in Volumio once again last week.
As you know, my post concerning the topic was not even published.

Meanwhile i was giving a try to MoOdeaudio.
I am running it on a single core Pi Zero W using only the on board wifi/bluetooth combo.
No clicks, no gaps, it just rocks. Boy what a performance combined with my Justboom pHAT.
It receives Airplay, UPnP and Bluetooth streams simultaneously and flawlessly play them.

So i wanna tell you guys, you’re not in a hurry with bluetooth anymore.

However, keep my Email-address and drop me a note once you’re done if ever.
Maybe i might switch back to Volumio in a couple of years.

Have a nice day…

Hi Germain,
in fact, we are testing the final build of our Bluetooth implementation.
We’re working on it since long time, and it seems it’s ready for prime time now.
We are releasing it hopefully the next week


happy to read that bluetooth now comes to volumio which I like and use very much. Update installed - and what a pity. Only to use for two spezial user with myvolumio - what I don’t need - sorry . I think I should give moodeaudio a chance too …