Media Servers showing wrong tag information playing wma formats

When selecting .wma format music files the correct tag information (title / artist / album) shows up in playing queu view, but not in player view. When playing file from miniDLNA (VolumioDLNA) it shows wrong tag information “<5-digit number>.wma” (for instance “51679.wma”, seems to be internal count number of music titles), playing file from QNAP media server it shows text “x-ms-wma,pn=,ext=.asf”. Tag information from mp3 / flac / wav is OK (album / title / artist).
System is Volumio 3.179, miniDLNA plugin Version 3.1.10, QNAP V5.0.0.1891, QNAP Media Streaming Add-on V500.0.0.3.