Media Servers / dlna

Hi all,
I have a question regarding Media Servers / dlna browser:
When I connect volumio via dlna to my NAS, I get a result only of a part of all available folders, it stops exactly after 1000 entries.
Is there any possibility to enlarge this number of possibly folders provided by the dlna Server?

I am using volumio on a Raspi 3


Hi Jan,

same thing here. Using Plex as a media server, have one folder with a looot of subfolders and Volumio does not show all of the available folders…

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Hi Ervin,

In the meantime, I have found a small workaround for this issue:
You just need to connect via ssh to the system and search and edit the file dlna-browser.js

Search for options.requestCount = 1000; and change it into options.requestCount = 10000; and reboot the system. But pls. undo this change before you plan to run an update because otherwise the update will fail. After installing the update you can re edit this file again.

Best regards