Media library empty HD > 1G: (?) disable USB scan (?)

good morning. Can anyone tell me how to disable the automatic USB scan?

I have a problem with an external HD with> 350G of mp3 \ flac: the MEDIA section appears empty (for a period of a few hours)

my Volumio is 2.806 with raspberry pi2

I tried various types of partitions and came to the conclusion that the problem is the amount of files to scan
if the size is <100G (I have not identified the precise threshold) everything works regularly (within a few minutes)
if the number of files is too high the volume does not work properly until the scan is complete (3 \ 5 hours).

with the volumio 1.55 (and minor) version worked very well because the situation was statically photographed and updated only on request
The same mechanism works in the current version by accessing the same HD published on NAS. After 1 scan the contents are available.
I tried to map the HD as a network disk (published by Volumio itself). It works … but anyway until the scan has finished it is not possible to access MEDIA and therefore it is unusable for several hours.
If it were possible to inhibit the automatic scanning of the USB contents, I could get around the problem by seeing the HDD as a network disk (even if it is physically connected via USB)


  • sudo nano /etc/mpd.conf- Change line : auto_update “yes” to auto_update “no”

  • sudo nano /volumio/app/plugins/music_service/mpd/mpd.conf.tmpl - Change line : auto_update “yes” to auto_update “no”